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The ultimate BBQ box showcasing local pasture fed beef and free range pork. Perfect for four people, or a box for two people that will last the weekend.

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The ultimate BBQ box, perfect for a family of four, or a couple of meals for two.

The box contains:

1 pack of 4 beef burgers

1 pack chipolatas approx. 500g

1 pot of our house handmade coleslaw 250g

1 wedge Mayfield Swiss cheese, approx. 200g

4 Brioche Burger Buns

Bag of mixed salad leaves

1 jar Perello cocktail gherkins

1 Bottle Stokes tomato ketchup

Allergen Advice: Contains Egg, Wheat and Milk 

Contents may vary due to stock availability, however we will make every effort to provide suitable alternatives, that match or exceed the price of the substituted item.

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